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ACC cement plant Jharkhand

Issue Date: 23 April 2018

Magazine Description

ACC plans to expand cement grinding capacity in Dhanbad district, Jharkhand; Sainsons Paper Industries' expand kraft papers capacity in Kurukshetra district, Haryana and 58 more business opportunities inside ...

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Alcohols & Derivatives

Alcohol Bottling Plant (Visakhapatnam)                                        9

Distillery (Nagarhalli-Malli)                                                       10

Arms & Ammunitions

Aerospace & Defence Hub (Hosur)                                             22

Automobile Ancillaries

Auto Components (Sri City)                                                     20

Press Tools (Mallavalli)                                                          21

Bulk Drugs

Bulk Drugs (Sotanala)                                                              8

Business Complexes

MDI Complex (Noida)                                                             35

Car Parks

Multilevel Car Parking (Nandankanan)                                        36


Cement Grinding (Sindri)                                                        16

Commercial Complexes

Commercial Complex (Shankarnagar)                                        34

Community Services

Administrative Building (Jyotisar)                                              37

Centenary Building (DPI Campus)                                             38

Shrimp Broodstock Multiplication Centre (Chennayapalem)             39

Skill Development Institute (Bhubaneshwar)                                 40

Dairy Products

Milk Processing (Andhra Pradesh)                                              6

Food Products

Food Supplements (East Godavari)                                             2


District Headquarters Hospital (Deogarh)                                    28

Hospital (Badiyadukka)                                                           29

Hospital (Kovilambakkam)                                                       30

Hospital (Saraswati Khera, Bhatmajra, Pehowa)                             31

Mother Child Hospital (Sonpur)                                                32

Industrial Machinery

Hydraulic Components (Mallavalli)                                            19


Sangeeta Distributory                                                             50

Leather Products

Leather Processing (Vannivedu)                                               11

LPG Storage & Distribution

LPG Storage (Solapur)                                                            45


Mineral Separation (Kalkulam)                                                  23

Paper & Paper Products

Kraft Papers (Bakhli) Project - Expansion                                    12

Paper, Newsprint & Paper Boards

Corrugated Boxes (Bawal)                                                       14

Plastic & Plastic Products

Flexible Packaging Materials (Faridabad)                                    15

Power Distribution

Substation (Chinnashankarampet)                                             24

Substation (Dommasandra)                                                      25

Substation (Jangalpur)                                                            26

Transmission Line (Padghe-Vasai)                                            27

Primary Steel

Ferro Alloys (Chousal)                                                           17

Ferro Alloys (Gollapuram)                                                       18

Processed Food

Food Processing (Andhra Pradesh)                                            3

Food Processing (Krishna)                                                       4

Maize Processing (Anantapur)                                                    5


Pulp (Almai)                                                                         13

Real Estate

Residential Complex (Athi)                                                      41

Residential Complex (Idukki)                                                   42

Residential Complex (Pelhar)                                                   43

Software Parks

IT Tower (Namkum)                                                                44

Textile Products

Spandex Yarn (Aurangabad)                                                      7

Tourism & Recreation

Rose & Sculpture Garden (Amaravati)                                         33

Vegetable Oils

Edible Oil Refinery (Mallavalli)                                                    1

Water & Sewerage Pipeline & Distribution

Sewage Pumping Station (Wanganpora)                                     46

Storm Water Drainage Scheme (Beur More-Mithapur Bus                 47

Storm Water Drainage Scheme (Maruvavanka)                              48

Underground Sewerage Scheme (S Kannanur)                             49

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