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Assam Power Generation Corporation plans to set up a Upper Borpani hydel power project in Karbi Anglong district, Assam

Issue Date: 15 January 2018

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Assam Power Generation Corporation plans to set up a Upper Borpani hydel power project in Karbi Anglong district, Assam

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Airways (Aviation Infrastructure)

Airport (Darbhanga)                                                               38

Berths, Jetties

Berth No.III & IV (Tuticorin)                                                       39

Business Complexes

Headquarters Building (Asansol-Durgapur)                                  21

North Zone Office Building (Bhubaneswar)                                  22

Community Services

Ashrama School Building (Jodighatta)                                        23

Indoor Auditorium (Solan)                                                       24

Municipal School Building (Kajupada)                                        25

Officer Mess (Bagma)                                                             26

Finished Steel

Stainless Steel Park (Kalinganagar)                                             3

Gas Pipeline

Gas Pipeline (Madhuban)                                                        40


Community Health Centre (Kamalapura)                                      16

Hospital (Mandpeshwar)                                                         17

Rural Hospital (Jiwati)                                                             18

Hydel Based Power

Upper Borpani Hydel Power                                                      7

Inland Waterways

Narmada-Parvati River Linking                                                 41


Kumhari Tank Scheme                                                            47

Mathala Lift Irrigation Scheme                                                   48

Parwati Micro LIS                                                                   49

Tilari Interstate Irrigation                                                         50

Non Metallic Minerals

Mudhvay Limestone Mining                                                       5


Kayad Lead-Zinc Ore UG Mining                                                 6

Organic Chemicals

Synthetic Organic Chemicals (Mahagaon)                                    2


Industrial Park (Thotadayallapura)                                             28

Mega Food Park (Farrukhabad)                                                29

Passenger Cars/Multi-Utility Vehicles

Passenger Cars (Chakan)                                                         4

Power Distribution

Substation (Kadukottanahally)                                                  12

Substation (Kempegowda International Airport)                            13

Substation (Ramgarh)                                                             14

Substation (Sadaipur)                                                             15

Processed Food

Food Processing (Bhadrak)                                                      1


Railway Electrification (Gooty-Dharmavaram)                               36

Real Estate

Residential Complex (Mahim)                                                   27


Road Upgradation (Giddalur-Vinukonda)                                    31

Road Upgradation (Hyderabad-Bengaluru)                                  32

Road Upgradation (Lalki Ghati-Marang Marcha)                           33

Road Upgradation (Puri)                                                         34

R-O-B (Hisar-Sadaipur LC No. 4A)                                             35

Shipping Infrastructure

Dredging (Daman)                                                                 37

Solar Based Power

Rooftop Solar Power (Avadi)                                                      8

Rooftop Solar PV Power (Sarmastpur)                                          9

Storage & Distribution

Warehouse (Upparapalayam)                                                   30

Tourism & Recreation

Cultural & Information Centre (Jabalpur)                                      19

Sports Complex (Dahisar)                                                       20

Waste Based Power

Waste Based Power (Hadapsar)                                                11

Waste Based Power (Kalyan)                                                    10

Water & Sewerage Pipeline & Distribution

Drainage Scheme (Salempur Pyne)                                            42

Drainage Scheme (Tiruchchirappalli)                                         43

Sewerage Scheme (Chinnasekkadu)                                          44

Storm Water Drainage Scheme (Dr. B A Road)                              45

Water Supply (Onchiyam, Chorode)                                          46

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