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Call for rain-proof roads

Issue Date: 22 June 2015

Magazine Description

Despite claims by civic authorities to the contrary, heavy rains in Mumbai city have been severely damaging roads, rendering them unusable. Seen here is a huge crater formed, as the result of heavy downpour, on a busy road near Churchgate Station in south Mumbai.

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Index Index
Alcohols & Derivatives Power Distribution
Distillery (Chowtkur)   Substation (Dharsul & Bangaon)
  Business Complexes   Substation (Khagaria)
  Regional Office Building (Dehra Dun)   Substation (Kotla)
Cement   Substations (Dhakarmal)
  Cement - Phase II (Khapradih)   Transmission Line (Purnia-Katihar)
  Community Services Real Estate
  Model School Building (Sajjangad)   Police Staff Quarters (Vyara)
  Residential School Complex (Lingasooru)   Residential Complex  [Masseys] (Royapuram)
Finished Steel   Residential Complex  [Nitesh Hunter Valley] - Phase I 
  Induction Furnace (Gopinathpur)   Residential Complex  [Orchid Divine] (South Bopal)
Hydel Based Power   Residential Complex (Mahisapat)
  Gundlakamma Vagu Small Hydel Power   Residential Township  [Godrej Infinity] (Keshav Nagar)
  Hydel Power (Makkuva) Roadways
  Hydel Power (Marripally)   Bridge - Reconstruction (Bhopal-Sanchi-Sagar at 146.8 
  Hydel Power (Nethapur)   High Level Bridge (Banama Itahari)
  Hydel Power (Pinnelli)   Road Upgradation (Hamid Road)
Iron Ore   Road Upgradation (Manesar)
  Dubna-Sakradih Iron & Manganese Ore Mining   Road Upgradation (Noida)
  Kulum Iron Ore Mining   Road Upgradation (Padmanabham-Sontyam)
Irrigation   Road Upgradation (Panvel)
  Giri Nanda Dam - Renovation Storage & Distribution
  Lube Oils & Lubricants   Multi-Modal Logistic Hub (Ahmedgarh)
  Lube Blending-cum-Filling Facility (Kolkata) Tourism & Recreation
  Non Metallic Minerals   Eco-Tourism (Pachamalai)
  Limestone Mining (Gamalapadu)   Eco-Tourism Circuit (Kakinada-Hope Island-Konaseema)
  Limestone Mining (Ottakovil)   Mughal Museum (Agra)
  Limestone Mining (Ramayanpatti) Transport Services
  Limestone Mining (Sethurayanpudur)   Bus Depot (Dombivali)
Parks   Vegetable Oils
  Industrial Park (Nandur Kesartagi)   Edible Oil (Krishnapatnam)
Plastic & Plastic Products Water & Sewerage Pipeline & Distribution
  Laminated Sheets Expansion (Kanchowki)    Hesapoda-Sutari Rural Water Supply Scheme
  Laminated Sheets Expansion (Piyaj)   Sewerage Scheme (Haily Mandi)
Polymers (Thermoplastic, Resins)  
  Resins (Garmala)  
  Synthetic Resins (Dahej)  

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