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Indus TMT Industries plans in Tamil Nadu

Issue Date: 05 December 2016

Magazine Description

Indus TMT Industries plans to expand steel bars and rods capacity in Krishnagiri district, Tamil Nadu; M3M India's commenrcial complex 'M3M India'scommenrcial complex 'M3M Urbana Business Park' in Haryana and 58 more business opportunies inside...

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Alcohols & Derivatives Roadways
Distillery - Modernisation (Bazpur)  High Level Bridge (Sinapali-Ghatipada)
Articles of Iron & Steel Road Upgradation (Avantibai Xing-ABK Road)
Steel Bars & Rods (Kalukondapalli) Road Upgradation (Fastarpur-Pandatarai)
Berths, Jetties Road Upgradation (Gadag)
Jetty [Phase-II] (Visakhapatnam) Road Upgradation (Karauli-Mandrayal)
Business Complexes Road Upgradation (Shikohabad-Bhogaon)
Bank Building (Howrah Maidan) Road Upgradation (Talebani-Sambalpur)
Car Parks Road Upgradation (Tharad-Dhanera) Project
Multi-level Parking (Rohtak) Solar Based Power
Commercial Complexes Solar Photovoltaic Power (Mainpuri)
Commercial Complex (Sector-67) Solar Photovoltaic Power Phase-IV (Bhadla)
Multi-Functional Complex (Ballari) Solar Power (Allahabad)
Community Services Tourism & Recreation
College Building (Berhampur) City-Side Area Development (Jaipur Airport)
Hostel Building (Agra) Squash Court - Upgradation (Chicalim)
Interpretation Centre (Khandagiri) Theme Park (Rohini)
Model College Building (Kanker) Transport Services
School Building (Perambalur) Truck Terminal (Wadala)
School Building (Sualkuchi) Water & Sewerage Pipeline & Distribution
Universities (Amaravati)  Combined Water Supply Scheme (Elappully)
Fertilisers Drinking Water Supply Scheme (Aurangabad)
Chromium Sulphate (Sirgitti)  Pathadda Rural Water Supply Scheme
Granite Rural Water Supply Scheme (Arajori)
Granite Mining (Sulamalai) Water Supply Scheme (Adoni)
Hospitals Water, Sewage & Effluent Treatment
Hospital (Varanasi)  Common Effluent Treatment Plant (Sirgitti)
Hotels & Restaurants Sewage Treatment Plant (Gangapur)
Hotels (Amaravati)  Sewage Treatment Plant (Thanesar)
Iron Ore Water Treatment Plant (Srirampore)
Koida Iron Ore Mining  Power Distribution
LPG Storage & Distribution Substation (Indravelly)
LPG Bottling Plant (Tilda) Transmission Line (Nirmal-Jagityal)
Parks WR-NR 765 kV Inter-Regional Corridor
Energy Park (Akruli) Real Estate
Partially Oriented Yarn (POY) Affordable Housing (Nagpur)
Partially Oriented Yarn (Daman)  

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