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NSL Sugars plan in Maharashtra

Issue Date: 10 July 2017

Magazine Description

NSL Sugars plans to capacity expansion in Bid district of Maharashtra; Keva Fragrances synthetic organic chemicals capacity expansion project in Valsad district of Gujarat and 58 more business opportunities inside ...

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1 Seed Processing (Ganjam)
2 Primary Processing Centre (Hosur RM)
3 Sugar - Expansion (Pawarwadi)
4 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (Kurkumh)
5 Pigments (Pachayakuppam)
6 Aliphatic Amines & Derivatives (Chincholi)
7 Organic Chemicals (Panoli) 
8 Organic Pigments (Vapi)
9 Synthetic Organic Chemicals (Tupakulagudem)
10 Synthetic Organic Chemicals (Vapi)
11 Synthetic Resins (Mambakkam)
12 Precast Column & Beams (Medak)
13 Alumina Refinery (Kashipur)
14 Wind Power (Bagalkot) 
15 Substation (Chennai)
16 Substation (Leh)
17 Transmission Line (Eklahare-Nashik)
18 Medical Science University (Karnal)
19 Resort (Dhapadamal)
20 Hotel (Gandhi Sagar)
21 Hotel (Pangthang)
22 Office Building (Baddi)
23 Multi Level Car Parking (Mount Abu) 
24 Commercial Complex (Sarkhej)
25 Administrative-cum-Academic Building (Jagdalpur)
26 Centres of Excellence (Bengaluru & Mysuru)
27 Electronic Engineering Bhawan (Kanpur)
28 Industrial Training Institute (Dhanuvachapuram)
29 Womens Hostel Building (Tonk)
30 Housing (Thimmaiguda)
31 Residential Complex (Ghuma)
32 Residential Complex (Jagatpura)
33 Residential Complex (Kandivali)
34 Residential Complex (Munjka)
35 Township (Vijayawada)
36 Godown (Golaghat)
37 High Level Bridge (Barari)
38 RCC Bridge (Chabra Ghat)
39 Road Upgradation (Gadoj-Majiri-Haryana)
40 R-O-B (NH-150A LC No.14)
41 Dry Docking Facility (Tuticorin)
42 Magrul Dastgir Peri Urban Water Supply Scheme
43 Rural Pipe Water Supply Scheme (Chapi)
44 Underground Sewerage Scheme (Jamner)
45 Underground Sewerage Scheme (Jaysinghpur)
46 Water Supply Improvement Scheme (Bengaluru)
47 Water Supply Improvement Scheme (Kavali)
48 Integrated Solid Waste Management (Betul)
49 Sewage Treatment Plant (Banasthali)
50 Sewage Treatment Plant (Durgam Cheruvu)

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