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Issue Date: 31 July 2017

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Regenesis Industries plans to set up a bulk drugs and intermediates unit in Nalgonda district, Telangana. Ambuja Cements' cement griding unit in Jharsunga district, Odisha and 58 more business opportunities inside...

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Airways (Aviation Infrastructure) Tourism & Recreation
Apron (Udaipur) Karamtoli Talab Development
Bulk Drugs Mini Sports Complex (Gohana)
Bulk Drugs & Intermediates (Bommalaramaram) Rock Garden (Ranchi) 
Business Complexes Sports Complex (Rewa)
Composite Office Building (Durgapali)  Tourism Development (Chhapli Sheri Beach) 
Office Building (Bagsewania)  Waste Based Power
Office Building (Bengaluru)  Waste Based Power (Dhaulana)
Office Building (Sitapura) Water & Sewerage Pipeline & Distribution
Cement Combined Water Supply Scheme (Chittur)
Cement Grinding (Jharsuguda) Rural Water Supply Scheme (Chotanagra)
Community Services Sewerage Scheme (Dal Lak)
Hostel Building (Malda)  Sewerage Scheme (Ujjain)
Stadium-cum-Gym Building (Patna) Underground Sewerage Scheme (Akola)
Technology Centre (Pune) Water Supply Improvement Scheme (Coimbatore)
Training Institute (Deoria) Water Supply Improvement Scheme (Mahalingapura)
Dairy Products Water Supply Improvement Scheme (Tadipatri)
Dairy (Arilo-Govindpur) Water Supply Scheme (Muktatainagar & Bodwad)
Diesel Oil Water, Sewage & Effluent Treatment
Fuel Oil (Chandigarh) Common Effluent Treatment Plant (Ajrakhpur)
Fertilisers Effluent Treatment Plant (Pallippuram)
Fertilisers (Shahabad) Municipal Solid Waste Management (Vijayanagaram)
Hospitals Sewage Treatment Plant (Begur Hobli)
District Hospital (Dholpur) Power Distribution
Govt. Medical College Building (Siddipet) Substation (Bopal)
Irrigation Substation (Pydibhimavaram)
Bonthu-Saravakota-Kothuru LIS Transmission Line (Dulehar) 
Guptganga Tank Real Estate
Hoskote Lift Irrigation Scheme Residential Complex (Santacruz)
Non Metallic Minerals Residential Complex (Vashi)
Garnet (Chatrapur) Residential Complex (Viman Nagar)
Organic Chemicals Roadways
Agro Chemicals (Bhatinda) Road Upgradation (Dangiyawas-Balotra)
Parks Road Upgradation (Taloda-Shahana) 
Plastic Cluster (Telangana) Shopping Plazas
  Market Complex (Belacoba)

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