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Syska Led Lights plant in Satara, Maharashtra

Issue Date: 30 April 2018

Magazine Description

Syska Led Lights plans to set up a LED bulbs manufacturing unit in Satara district of Maharashtra; THK India’s Linear Motion Guides manufacturing unit in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh and 58 more business opportunities inside…

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Airways (Aviation Infrastructure)

Airport (Pakyong)                                                                  45

Arms & Ammunitions

Weapon Systems (Bengaluru)                                                  22

Automobile Ancillaries

Gear Boxes (Mallavalli)                                                           18

Bulk Drugs

Bulk Drugs & Intermediates (Ramannapalem)                                 3

Business Complexes

Office Building (Thalavaipatti)                                                  34


Cement (Sonwari)                                                                   9

Cement Products

Pre-Cast Concrete Products (Shendra)                                       10


Liquor Ammonia (Atchutapuram)                                                 5

Community Services

ITI Building (Narayangarh)                                                      35

School Building (Bolpur)                                                         36

School Building (Gangavalli)                                                   37

Domestic Appliances

Home Appliances (Gauribidanur)                                              17

Drug Formulations

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (Atchutapuram)                           4

Electric Lamps & Bulbs

Industrial Lights (Chakan)                                                       13

LED Bulbs (Shirwal)                                                               14


Hospital (Hazaribagh)                                                             31

Multi-Specialty Hospital (Rishra)                                               32

Industrial Machinery

Printing Machinery (Sonipat)                                                   19

Roll Forming Machines (Mallavalli)                                            20

Leather Products

Leather Tannery (Akrampur)                                                      6

Machine Tools

Linear Motion Guides (Sri City)                                                 15

Machine Tools (Malur)                                                            16

Medical Electronic Equipment

Disposable Medical Devices (Shendra)                                       12

Paints & Dyestuff

Powder Coating (Faridabad)                                                      2

Paper & Paper Products

Paper Mill (Bitaura)                                                                  7

Paper, Newsprint & Paper Boards

Paper Recycling Plant (Sonipat)                                                 8

Plastic & Plastic Products

Battery Components (Malur)                                                     11

Polyester Filament Yarn (PFY)

Polyester Yarn (Velugam)                                                          1

Power Distribution

Substation (Hinjilicut)                                                             29

Substation (Meral)                                                                 30

Real Estate

Group Housing (Danapur)                                                       38

Residential Complex (Panvel)                                                  39


Road Upgradation (Akola-Medshi)                                            42

Road Upgradation (Jawaharlal Nehru Marg-BMP-5)                       43

Road Upgradation (Suryapet-Khammam)                                    44

Solar Based Power

Solar Power (Arasikere)                                                          23

Solar Power (Arsikere)                                                            24

Solar Power (Chintamani)                                                        25

Solar Power (Koppal)                                                             26

Solar Power (Navalgund)                                                        27

Storage & Distribution

Cold Storage Facility (Lohardaga)                                             40

Tourism & Recreation

Annai Sathya Memorial (Salem)                                                 33

Toys, Games

Toys (Ranipet)                                                                     21

Transport Services

Vyttila Mobility Hub (Kochi)                                                      41

Water & Sewerage Pipeline & Distribution

Sewerage Scheme (Anjad, Badwaha & Sanawad)                           46

Water Supply (Attabira & Kuchinda)                                            47

Water Supply (Siwan)                                                             48

Water Supply Scheme (Chopda)                                               49

Water, Sewage & Effluent Treatment

Common Bio-Medical Waste Treatment (Maheshpura)                    50

Wind Based Power

Wind Power (Panandhro)                                                        28

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