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Thirumalai Chemicals unit in Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh Economic Development Board’s development of India's first hyperloop in Andhra Pradesh

Issue Date: 25 September 2017

Magazine Description

Thirumalai Chemicals plans to set up a phthalic anhydride manufacturing unit in Bharuch district, Gujarat; Andhra Pradesh Economic Development Board’s development of India's first hyperloop in Andhra Pradesh and 58 more business opportunities inside...

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Alcohols & Derivatives

Distillery - Expansion (Malapur)                                                  4

Articles of Iron & Steel

Iron Castings (Gudur)                                                              8

Business Complexes

Central Office Building (Vettaikarankoil)                                      17

Car Parks

Multilevel Car Parking (Jaipuria)                                                21

Coal/Lignite Based Power

Coal Based Power (Rupnagar)                                                  10

Commercial Complexes

Commercial Complex (Perumbakkam)                                         18

Commercial Complex [Sector-85] (Gurgaon)                                19

Commercial Complex ‘Panache’ (Gurgaon)                                  20

Community Services

Administrative Building (Ner)                                                    22

Administrative Building (Visapur)                                              23

Correctional Home (Nimtauri)                                                   24

ISARC (Varanasi)                                                                   26

School Building (Siliguri)                                                        25

Cotton & Blended Yarn

Cotton Yarn (Amravati)                                                             1

Drug Formulations

API (Ankleshwar)                                                                    2

Finished Steel

Steel - Expansion (Belpan)                                                        6

Steel - Expansion (Gourmudi)                                                    7

Hydel Based Power

Small Hydel Power (Sabarmati Escape)                                         9


Kherva-Sighola Lift Irrigation                                                    49

Panchet Dam - Rehabilitation                                                   50

LPG Storage & Distribution

LPG Bottling Plant (Sugauli)                                                     34

Organic Chemicals

Synthetic Organic Chemicals (Vatva)                                           5


Gems & Jewellery Park (Thrissur)                                              31

Phthalic Anhydride

Phthalic Anhydride (Dahej)                                                        3

Power Distribution

Transmission Line (Gorakhpur)                                                12

Railway Wagon & Equipment

Workshop (Jamalpur)                                                            35


Hyperloop (Amaravati-Vijayawada)                                            41

Railway Electrification (Sidhi)                                                   42

Taranga Hill-Abu Road BG Railway Line                                      43

Real Estate

Group Housing (Lucknow)                                                      27

Residential Complex (Mumbai Central)                                       28

Residential Villas (Gurgaon)                                                    29

Township (Talcher)                                                                30


Road Upgradation (Ambikanagar-Akkuta)                                    36

Road Upgradation (Imphal-Moreh)                                            37

Road Upgradation (Khairatunda-Barwa Adda)                              38

Road Upgradation (Malharpeth-Pandharpur)                               39

Road Upgradation (Purulia-Chandil)                                          40

Solar Based Power

Solar Power (Dibrugarh)                                                          11

Storage & Distribution

Petroleum Storage Terminal (Motihari)                                        32

Scientific Warehouse (Alappuzha)                                             33

Tourism & Recreation

National Sport Museum (Delhi)                                                 14

Oceanarium (Somnath)                                                           15

Stadium (Pundri)                                                                   13

Vishwaneedam Lake Development                                             16

Water & Sewerage Pipeline & Distribution

Storm Water Drainage Scheme (Nellore)                                     44

Water Drainage Scheme (Srikakulam)                                         45

Water, Sewage & Effluent Treatment

Effluent Treatment Plant (Kadechur)                                           46

Sewage Treatment Plant (Korba)                                                48

Solid Waste Management (Rajkot)                                             47

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