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Toray Industries textile manufacturing unit in Chittoor

Issue Date: 20 November 2017

Magazine Description

Toray Industries (India) plans to set up a technical textile manufacturing unit in Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh; Dhanuka Agritech's pestisides manufacturing unit in Bharuch....

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Garments (Rapthadu)                                                               5

Automobile Ancillaries

Aluminium Alloy Wheels (Chittoor)                                              9

Car Parks

Multilevel Car Parking (Delhi)                                                   23

Community Services

Auditorium (Agra)                                                                  24

College Building (Kamakhyaguri)                                              25

College Building (Kolar)                                                          26

Mechanised Laundry (Guwahati)                                               27

Dairy Products

Bread Spread Plant (Mogar)                                                       1

Dairy (Odisha)                                                                       2

Drug Formulations

API (Gummadidala)                                                                  7


Mother Child Hospital (Dharwad)                                              18

Hotels & Restaurants

5-Star Hotel (Saputara)                                                            22


Bhimdi Minor Irrigation                                                           47

Dauk Barrage - Rehabilitation                                                   48

Jakham Irrigation - Rehabilitation                                              49

Kaith Medium Irrigation                                                           50

LPG Storage & Distribution

LPG Bottling Plant (Trishundi)                                                  30

Non Metallic Minerals

Minor Mineral Mining (Rattewali)                                               10


Rice Technology Park (Bhadrak)                                              31


Pesticides (Vagra)                                                                   6

Polymers (Thermoplastic, Resins)

ABS Resins (Satnoor)                                                              8

Power Distribution

Gas Insulated Substation (Panaji)                                              13

Substation (Arya Nagar)                                                          14

Substation (Bhojraj)                                                               15

Substation (Chauraas)                                                            16

Substation (Harishchandrapur)                                                 17

Real Estate

Residential Complex (Balkum)                                                  28

Residential Complex (Mamurdi)                                                29


Road Upgradation (District Border-Sawana)                                40

Road Upgradation (Mallasandra-Karadi)                                     34

Road Upgradation (Pfutsero-Phek)                                            35

Road Upgradation (Thikri-Anjad)                                              36

Shipping Infrastructure

Fish Landing Centre (Chinnangudi)                                          37

Floating Terminal (Pandu)                                                       38

Harbour Basin (Tuticorin)                                                        39

Solar Based Power

Solar Photovoltaic Power (Delhi)                                               11

Solar Power (Lakshadweep)                                                     12


Textile (Gandrajupalle)                                                             3

Textile (Sri City)                                                                      4

Tourism & Recreation

Museum (Noida)                                                                    19

Tourism Development (Leh)                                                     20

Tourism Development (Surendranagar)                                       21

Transport Services

Bus Depot (Gurgaon)                                                             32

Bus Station (Tekkali)                                                              33

Water & Sewerage Pipeline & Distribution

Sewerage Scheme (Guntur)                                                      41

Taljahari Rural Pipe Water Supply Scheme                                  42

Underground Drainage Scheme (Sagar)                                     43

Underground Sewerage Scheme (Pune)                                      44

Water Supply Scheme (Paradip)                                                45

Water, Sewage & Effluent Treatment

Sewage Treatment Plant (Kadapa)    

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